Here for your viewing pleasure is my comic "Gas Station Shenanigans", the aftermath of another one of those annoying moments in public being female.


As you may or not know, I moved recently from my little baby studio in Chinatown into a much larger space in order to facilitate the growth of classes and to expand my production space. I got to team up with two amazing humans to help run the space - the one and only Aquarian Jazzmaster Julia Chirka and the Legit Legend Glenn Lewis - 80 years old and still charging in the ceramics game. Needless to say inspiration is at an all time high and we want to celebrate.

Like all human births - which I don't know much about - It was a huge undertaking and took MUCH LONGER than expected and now with a sense of relief and anticipation we invite you to come by this Sunday, November the 15th from 12-6pm to come check out the space, meet us, and eat some cool snacks - We're thinking an artisinal safeway cake with icing flowers, local/organic pretzels, and biodynamic crytalized orange drink.


1. a limited edition of tumblers made by the three of us sold for $20/unit (bargain basement prices we're moving units) to help offset the electrical, plumbing costs of making this radical zone.

2. Entering your name in a draw to win a spot in one of our classes - we're looking at a $263 value in the NAFTA free market as of November 13th 2015.

3. Free jam for kidlets - bring your kids and let them make stuff - we'll have the tools and the clay out for them (or you) to play around for a bit.

4. Come in and weigh in on what you'd like to see us do as far as classes, workshops, and other jazzy occurrences.

5. Snacks for eating

NOTE ON LOCATION: come around the back of 1654 Franklin street - there will be a sign and balloons marking the entrance!




So, just like this guy up here suggests, it's time to say "fuck it" and update the ol' website and make some things available for people purchasing from afar on an ongoing basis. There is a limited amount of things in both of the new shops, but if you want to be informed when they get updated or classes are posted, you can sign up to the emailing list.

Upcoming in the made to order/ready to party (ship) world:

  • Ramen bowls
  • Side bowls
  • New mug styles (including the BLAST style that is new and I'm working on and mega excited about)
  • Hanging and wall-mounted planters

So, check in if you're interested in seeing what's coming out!



Collaboration with Osmics! by Maggie Boyd

Osmics, local producers of beautiful and psychedelic scent combos for the body (my faves are Viridian Grey and Pastel Black) are entering the world of room scents. Radical for two reasons:

1. Now your home and the homes of  those you love can smell like the lair of Ardhanarishvara.

2. We are doing a collaboration so I've been working away in the studio producing and testing essential oil diffusers. The studio has never smelled so good.

        2a. They will be available at the Western Front's Toque in early December.